Foundation Mares

Ansata Delilah
Ansata Shah Zaman x *Ansata Bint Misr

A superior broodmare.  One of the breed's most influential broodmare lines.
Shown here with her first foal, Ansata Imperial.





Ansata Bint Mabrouka
Ansata Bint Zaafarana
Ansata Bint Bukra
Ansata Bint Misr
Ansata Nile Queen
Ansata Rosetta
Ansata Delilah
Ansata Nile Mist
Ansata Samantha
Ansata Sudarra
Ansata Selket
Ansata Nefara
Ansata Serqit







  • Ansata Imperial - 1976 by Ansata Ibn Sudan
  • Ansata Amon Ra - 1977 by Ansata Ibn Sudan
  • Ansata Emir Halim - 1978 by *Ansata Ibn Halima
  • Ansata Samantha - 1979 by *Ansata Ibn Halima
  • Ansata Haji Halim - 1980 by *Ansata Ibn Halima
  • Ansata Bint Halima - 1981 by *Ansata Ibn Halima
  • Ansata Sudarra - 1982 by Ansata Abu Sudan
  • Ansata Deborah - 1984 by Ansata Halim Shah
  • Ansata Haji Jamil - 1985 by *Jamilll
  • Ansata El Sami - 1986 by *Jamilll
  • Shams El Nejd - 1987 by Dorianshahalshams
  • Ansata Sari - 1990 by Prince Fa Moniet




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